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prevention Prevention through Partnership

Guam’s 5-Year Strategic Prevention Plan was written for the community, by the community.  In it are the Pillars for Success, the guiding principle to achieving our shared vision – an island community empowered and committed to making informed decisions and choices towards a healthier future for themselves and others on Guam. Today, various community-based organizations have committee to bringing this plan to action.
For those interested, we provide valuable information.
Help is available, and it can start with you
Learn how can can be part of Guam's prevention movement.

Underage Drinking, Alcohol Abuse, Tobacco Use, & Suicide

It takes a community to bring about solutions to these issues.
Let's work together in addressing them for a healthier Guam!

Get Involved.

Underage Drinking
Data from the state Epidemiological Outcomes Workshop (SEOW) reveals that both heavy drinking and binge drinking are significantly higher among adults on Guam as compared to the US. Almost 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 7 youth are binge drinkers. > More info about Underage Drinking
Tobacco Control
Over 60% of Guam’s smokers want to quit. Other tobacco users want to quit, too, but many need help to overcome the powerful addiction to nicotine. > More info about Tobacco Control
Suicide Prevention
Guam endures a disturbingly high rate of suicide among its youth and adult population; close to 60% of all suicide deaths on Guam occur among those 30 year and younger. Suicide is the 5th leading cause of death on Guam with approximately one suicide death every two weeks. > More info about Suicide Prevention